Zoomshare QuickPost

Oct 16 07

Zoomshare QuickPost

Paul Weinstein

Starting a new Zoomshare Photo Album? Got tons of photos to be upload? Tired of uploading images one by one? Try Quickpost! Quickpost is a Zoomshare feature that, at its core, allows images to be added to a photo album by email. Since more than one photo can be attached to an email, more than one photo can be uploaded at a time. Moreover, since many camera phones have the ability to send photos, you can upload photos taken on your camera phone via Quickpost too!

First one needs to configure Quickpost, which can be found under Photo Album in console. Click on the ‘Edit QuickPost Settings’ button. Then select a default album in which the photos sent via email will post to.

Zoomshare QuickPost Settings Screen
QuickPost Settings

Next you will need to create a white list of email address. A white list is a method of security in which all access is denied to a service, except for those listed as allowed to gain access. In this case all emails sent to a designated email address for your zoomshare album will be denied access, with the limited exception of those allowed. Type the email address(es) you wish to allow access one at a time by entering in the whole email address and then clicking on the ‘Add’ button. You can remove or edit any listed address by selecting it from the list on the right and choosing either the ‘Remove’ or ‘Edit’ buttons.

If you wish to add another layer of protection, you can also choose to ‘Require Password’ in which your zoomshare password must be present in the subject line of the email from your listed email address. Be careful, your email will be sent in plain, readable text over the Internet, which means your password could be read my someone with malicious intent. Thus a tradeoff, by requiring your password to further secure QuickPost, you maybe making the overall security of your Zoomshare site less secure. Its your choice.

Make note of the email address to send your photos to. In most cases its photo-username@zoomshare.com. Now save your QuickPost settings by clicking on the ‘Save Settings’ button.

By Email on a Computer
Now your ready to roll out photos to the album you selected via email. Simply compose your email in any email application, making sure that you are sending from an allowed email address. Enter the send to email address and if you selected ‘Require Password’ add your password to the Subject. Now attach your images to the email using your email software. When all is ready, click ‘Send’.

With any luck your photos will be uploaded and visible in no time. However, since email is relayed between servers over the Internet there can be a delay, so do keep that it mind. No matter what your photos should be on your site within 24 hours.

If your photos don’t make it, you will get an email message denoting the problem. In some cases email servers won’t relay emails larger than a specific limit, usually 2MB or more. If you find this to be the case, you’ll need to cut back on your photos. Also if you have password protection enabled, but forgot or mistyped your password you may get an email notification reminding you.

By Email/MMS on a Cell Phone
Ready to try your camera photo? First add your phone’s email address to your QuickPost white list. If you don’t know the email address assigned to you by your mobile provider, don’t worry, simply add just your cell phone number (area code first) minus any additional syntax. In other words, if your phone number is (212) 555-1234 then simply type in 2125551234 and then check the ‘Add’ button.

Now, locate the camera option on your mobile device and select it. Using the camera function take a photo or select a photo from your mobile device’s photo album

Once you have selected the photo you wish to post, select the ‘Compose’ option from your mobile device’s menu. Enter the send to email address with your zoomshare password as the subject line if required. Select ‘Send’. To save time, in the future you can save this address in your mobile device’s address book.

MMS Screen
Example Cell Phone Screen

Your photo should be online within 15 to 30 minutes. Of course, as previously mentioned, network traffic can vary significantly, so it can take up to 24 hours for your photos to post. If you receive an error message in your email box, note the error message and choose from options follwoing to learn how to correct the specific issue.

Address Not Allowed
The device or email address you sent your photo from is not authorized to post to your zoomshare account. Please verify that the phone number of your mobile device or email address is authorized to post photos.

Bad Password
The password you provided is incorrect. Try again with your zoomshare password in the Subject line of the e-mail or uncheck “Require Password” in your Quickpost settings.

No Photos Posted
No photos or images found for posting. Please verify the photo or image you wish to post is selected and attached to the message you sent.

Too Many Photos Posted
Some service providers add their own formatting and images to the email your phone sends. zoomshare does not differentiate images and simply posts all images within the email. You can remove any unwanted images using the zoomshare tools site at any time.

As one can see, QuickPost is quite a powerful little tool. It allows you to post images to your album without the needing to first login to your Zoomshare site and with it a way to post multiple images at once as well as an image from a camera phone.