And Now For Something Completely Different

Jun 12 08

And Now For Something Completely Different

Paul Weinstein

I have this love/hate relationship with the Sci Fi channel, I love to hate their commercials. Nothing drives me crazy more than watching Battlestar Galatica or Dr. Who – which given its BBC origin isn’t even filmed for commercial breaks – to be force to watch the 100th ad in the last hour for the monster movie of the week staring Kevin Sorbo.

In these tough conditions one has to keep their wits about them and find any value – entertainment or otherwise – whenever possible. Luckily for me, I’m not the only one who finds the Sci FI network’s commercial breaks so grating. My two partners in crime, my wife Katie and my best friend Brandon have teamed up to create the Sci Fi Poem Project featuring haikus and other stylings using the titles from various monster of the week movies.

Without further ado, I give you the first – of maybe a series:

A lone “Dragon Fighter”, From a “Dragon Dynasty” with his “Dragon Sword” in a “Dragon Storm”


This “Man-thing” leader of “Interceptor Force” shall “Encrypt” this “abominable” “absolon” “Aztec Rex”

Or this variation

“They Are Among Us”
this “Deadly Swarm” of “Man with the Screaming Brain”
Shouting “Do or Die”at thy “Fire Serpant”, “Infected” with “Harpies”
These “Fallen Ones” believed the “Sabertooth” from “Beyond Loch Ness”
Soon after battle, “Pumpkin head vs. Demonic Toys” in which this “Savage Planet” was changed
A new “Epoch Evolution” begun as “Skeleton Man” and “Painkiller Jane” begat “SS DoomTrooper”
This “Headless Horseman” on “Raptor Island” in peace, no more the “Pumpkinhead: Blood Fued”

Now you know you want to