Al Franken’s Political Future

Jun 1 09

Al Franken’s Political Future

Paul Weinstein

Earlier today the Minnesota Supreme Court heard arguments on that state’s ongoing Senate recount debate. Of course it is too early for Al Franken to finally claim victory as we await for the court’s ruling. But, I offer the following wisdom I shared with a few friends on the campaign trail in Minnesota while working on the Campaign for Change:

My Wife, in her infinite wisdom, has decided that after winning a Senate seat this November, Al Franken should position himself to run for the White House after Obama’s two terms in office.

After all, with a Democratic President, Senator Franken will help bring real change to Health Care, Education and the Economy in his one and a third terms in office. He will also gain a national platform from which he will be able to showcase his natural skills in communication and leadership.

Of course Democratic presumptive nominee Franken, will need to defined against that old stand-by Republican charge of being a “tax and spend” liberal. As such, he will need to “balance the ticket” with a true fiscal conservative.

This running mate will need to understand the gritty details of financial policy, but will also need to be able to articulate them in “layman’s terms” to the general public, someone who perhaps has authored popular books on the topic well also possessing solid conservative credentials.

As a popular writer on personal finances and a regular contributor to the conservative magazine The American Spectator, Ben Stein meets these initial requirements.

Moreover, as a speechwriter and lawyer for President Richard Nixon and later for President Gerald Ford, Mr. Stein has witnessed first-hand how our Executive Branch of government works. His experience and knowledge will provide useful in the initial days of the Franken Administration.

My Wife and I look forward to you joining our grassroots effort to elect this monstrous Franken/Stein ticket in 2016.