Push the Button Frank

Oct 14 09

Push the Button Frank

Paul Weinstein
A Big Red button

Image via Wikipedia

his name might not be Frank, but someone pushed the big red button on
Technorati today. For those who are unaware, Technorati, the “search
engine for blogs” has been around about as long as there have been
blogs to search for. In fact, according to Wikipedia as of June 2008
Technorati indexed 112.8 millions blogs.

“So?” I hear
you asking.

along with indexing blogs and ranking them, Technorati has added
“original” content
to their various “channels.” Along with
articles from a number of different authors from around the world is
an article entitled
Adding Government to the Social Web
written by yours truly.


So, go check it
out. But fear not, I’m not giving up on this personal site. Not
everything I’m working on is going to be suitable for Technorati and
after a few days any articles I do write for Technorati will make
their way here.

So, sit back,
relax and enjoy the show.