Cleaning House

Jan 28 13

Cleaning House

Paul Weinstein

Over on Facebook a few days ago I commented about a personal “new year” project of reorganizing (first the home office, next this website):

“Phase one of reorganizing home office desk completed.
Most useless item: note to self to clean desk (near the bottom no less)
Single largest source of paper: Health Insurance”

Now I think I can can add the most interesting item from the excavation:

Business card collection

Business card collection (Photo credit: pdweinstein)

A collection of business cards from contacts and interestes from a few years ago hiding among a stash of old passwords. The Thawte, O’Reilly and daemonnews cards are from contacts I had when I did more technical writing, which started out on topics of SSL and Apache. The Google card is from a recruiter I had contact with at the time (still waiting on a job Google 😉

I had the pleasure of working with Eddie Codel and Scott Beale on Webzine events and even “server sat” Laughing Squid’s hosting setup one Labor Day weekend while Scott and crew went to Burning Man.
Ah memories…