Campaign for Change

Jan 20 21

Campaign for Change

Paul Weinstein

My wife took this photo after we witnessed Obama and Biden taking office in 2009. It was taken in a conference room, in a federal building, blocks from the Capitol, where the Presidential Inaugural Committee (PIC) had been setup.

I can still feel the tired 12 years later. Working the election was one thing, working the inauguration was something else. (Also, we had camped out in the building, trying to sleep on the floor the night before to avoid the crush of people.)

I can’t imagine what the intrepid members of the Biden/Harris PIC and Transition teams are feeling today. Running a campaign during a pandemic is one thing. Dealing with an obstinate administration is another. And lest we forget, the threat of domestic terrorism.

And for what? No immediate payoff. No thank yous. No inauguration balls.

No relief.

I can’t imagine.

But I wish them all the best, for today and for the next four years.

We All Need It.